“The transaction was handled smoothly and rapidly from the outset. We were impressed that the Abacus team knew both the material processing sector and the company. They were responsive, efficient, easy to work, and delivered on time as promised.”

Chip GraceFounder / May River Capital

“From our perspective, this financing went very smoothly and efficiently. Everything was completed on schedule, we received early assurance of closure, and the Abacus team proved to be responsive, flexible, and easy to work with.”

Tim NelsonPartner / Saw Mill Capital

“Abacus lived up to its reputation as a firm absolutely focused on meeting sponsor firm’s needs. They went out of their way to be super flexible in transaction structuring and were accommodating to our requests at every step of the process.”

Bill WillhiteManaging Partner and Co-Founder / WILsquare Capital

“This was our first transaction with the Abacus team, and they lived up to their reputation. They were able to provide assurance of close early on, moved quickly, and showed real flexibility during negotiations.”

Gregory L. GreenbergFounder and Senior Partner / Altus Capital Partners

“Abacus conducted its due diligence process efficiently, and they were able to close this transaction within a very short timeframe.”

Betsy WilliamsonPrincipal / Frontenac

“Abacus was a great fit for the Industrial Magnetics transaction. They were willing to work hand-in-hand with our team at River Associates and the company to fund this transaction on an expedited basis. The Abacus team provided a strong financing solution and followed that up with a smooth execution. We highly recommend Abacus Finance as a financing partner.“

Patten PettwayGeneral Partner / River Associates Investments, LLC

“This was our first transaction with the Abacus team, and we were extremely impressed by them. Their knowledge of the business, rapport with the management team, and the certainty of closure that they were able to provide helped Abacus stand out.”

Mark MorrisPartner / Blue Point Capital

“I have nothing but praise – Abacus Finance lived up to its reputation by proving to be a very flexible and reliable partner.”

Ryan K. NagimPrincipal / LongueVue Capital


"We selected the Abacus team because of its knowledge of, and experience with niche manufacturing companies. We found them easy to work with and the due diligence and loan structuring processes were handled smoothly and efficiently."

Steve CookManaging Director / LFM Capital

“Abacus Finance’s healthcare industry knowledge – in particular about outsourced revenue cycle management services – and the team’s flexibility in transaction structure were critical to the success of this transaction. As they have done in the past, the Abacus team met an aggressive schedule for closing the investment on time as promised.”

Elizabeth R. BorowManaging Director
Thompson Street Capital Partners